Thursday, February 08, 2007


Bell Sympatico is ass.

Well since December, Bell has stopped giving me their services 2 times.

2 days before Christmas i log on. Well try to log on. Doesn't work. We call Bell....roughly 12 hours combined on the phone. Heres there explanation.

It seems like someone else had gotten our account information, and was using it to log onto the internet from a different place. So Bell shut both sides off. OK? How did these people get our info? And why didn't you tell us? Well it seems bell gave them our info. And why they didn't call us? They didn't know.

So they promise to get us back with 3 months free and a life time discount of 50%. It's hard to be angry at that.

We wait a week get the internet back. All is working. Then 3 days in. We lose it again. Excuse me? So we spend 6 hours on the phone. Seems the dumbasses did the exact same thing again...URGH!!!

So we get 6 months free and 50% off for life. We didn't complain till we're billed for one of our free months.

4 hours on the phone. They wipe the charges.

I figure...if they're gonna keep cheating us around like this why don't we change?

We can't! They do our phone, our Satellite. They have us by the balls. My internet went out again on monday. And i lost it I was ready to kill. Luckilly it was just my router.

Atleast i'm paying half price for shitty service?

Monday, January 29, 2007


Finally the answers i've been looking for.

Ever since i was born i wanted to know the answer to end all of questions. Who would in a fight A grizzly bear? Or a silver back gorilla?

Join in on the battle right here

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Playing god.

We've all had them before. Theres tons of them, some of the most popular culprits are: Hot Pockets, Pizza Pockets, Hot Stuffs etc.

What are these devices?

Well someone (probably someone with a college degree) had this idea of taking a pastry and injecting it with meat, cheese and tomato sauce. There are some variants involving other sauces, but usually its tomato.

Now what i wanna know is. Is this how those sickos get off? Playing god? Do you go to the pastry store and get some meat injected freak mutant? No!

Just eat one of these abominations! Eat a hotstuff i dare you! eat one! Anyone I don't care they're all bad.

This food is shit, and its got me all riled up!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


So where the hell have i been?

The answer is where haven't i been? Lifes been great!! Wow! Hopefully i can actually start using this thing again now that i got some time.

New rule. Every monday!!

Peace and chicken grease.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I'm Alive!

Ha, yeah i got a new(older actually) computer and lost all my bookmarks and kinda forgot i had a blog. Looks like got some catching up to do.

I'll be back.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Sqwaa Music

Ska needs to make a comeback. By like tommmorrow.

Anyone wanna start a ska band?.............Thought so.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Lets all go to the lobby


My favourite films of all time. (in no order)

Labyrnth (1986)- This movie has been a part of my life since for ever. I still watch it with my friends. The ladies, they like bowie's package which is just out there. Like its so there, you can't stop looking at it. It draws you in like the wonderful songs (penned and performed by Bowie) and the wonderful puppets and creatures(a jim henson creation) When I think of Lucas, I think Labyrnth and not "indiana wars"

The Princess Bride (1987)-This is where my ovaries make their appearence. God I love this movie, it's perfect! Andre the FUCKING Giant is in it. That alone consitutes this as one of my favourites. But seriously all freaking huge fucking giants aside. Its a wonderful love story, cheesy, but made to be cheesy. Sure it made me cry once, (actually a jumbo jet managed to park itself on my nuts at the same time so the cause of the crying is up to debate)

Willow (1988)-Guys i was one when this movie came out. I had no idea why i love it so much, but its always been there for me. As long as i can remember. Wanna know why i love it? The fantasy aspect(which is a recurring theme in this list so far) and sword play, and the fact that the main character was everyones favourite ewok: Warwick Davis!! Even a gruffy looking Val Kilmer as Mad Martigan. Damn you Lucas!!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)- I don't even need to rectify this one. A classic.

The Warriors (1979)- Don't worry! I wasn't gonna 'go faggot' on everyone as Ajax would of put it. This is something i discovered when i was older alot older at like 3 in the morning 3 years ago on the 3rd of...nah not like that but something like that. Theres just something about the warriors that makes me good. These guys are a bunch of thieves, bullys and one is pretty much a rapist and you spend the whole film cheering their long trek home.

Commando (1985)-Holeeeeeey shit. This is pretty much the motherload of awesome 80s action. Thats it, don't expect plot or any pussy shit.(but do expect a montage with arnold and a young Alyssa Milano feeding a deer and stuff) This movie does not stop just blood pumping action and hillarious one liners. Actually the best one liners ever. Any other action movie you've seen is just copying Commando. Fuck. Its awesome.

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)-Kung fu fighting, Gun fights, Sorcery, Ninjas Monsters, And Kurt Russell. It might be hard to follow and the pacing is terrible, but its got this special sweetness about it. Did i mention Lo Pan? Maybe i should type lo pan over and over again so people get the picture Lo Pan Lo pan Lo pan Lopan.

Why are all the good movies from the 80s? I was either not alive when these came out. Or was pretty much not capable of watching movies. Anyways here are some honorable mentions i am too lazy to write about

The Goonies
Predator 2
The Alien Movies
Billy Madison
Howl's Moving Castle
Mobile Suit Gundam I II III
Happy Gilmore
Disney Movies
The Producers
StarWars (i guess)

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